Le Hoang Foundation Annual Fund Gifts & Pledges

The following represent cumulative and new giving from corporate and individual donors as of June 8, 2011:

Be The Change Diamond Circle $50,000 to $75,000 USD
Dane Hoang, D.D.S, M.S. (Children’s Dental Care-Dallas, TX)

Be The Change Platinum Circle $5,000 to $25,000 USD
Thanh Le Hoang (Le Dragon d’Or-Dallas, TX)
Dr. Minh Le and Linda Le Hoang (Quantum Physicians- Houston, TX)
Hoa Do and Loannie Huynh (Blaine, MN)

Be The Change Gold Circle $1,000 to $4,999 USD
Dzung Ngoc Hoang and Lien-Xuan Le Hoang (Kim Ngoc Jewelry- Dallas, TX)
Minh and Kim-Hue Ho (My Ngoc Jewelry- St. Paul, MN)
Khanh and Thanh Pham (KT Printing-Houston, TX)
Jackrin and Chutima Leeburajin (Sunny Flea Market- Houston, TX)
Dr. Steven Y. Yong and Bertilla Yong (Houston Cardiology- Houston, TX)
Dr. Jon Ousley (Just for Kids Dental- Dallas, TX)
Dr. Koyu Lin (Richardson, TX)
Anonymous (Dallas, TX)
Dr. David Bui (Anesthesia for Children-Dallas, TX)
Dr. Tham Trinh (Anesthesia-Honolulu, HI)
Dr. Huy Do and Julie Germann (Anesthesia for Children-Dallas, TX)
Tim and Susan Lee (Fortune Realty-Richardson, TX)
Dr. Huy Pham (Greater Houston Anesthesiology- Houston, TX)
Kim Huong Nguyen (Cypress, TX)
Jimmy Le Hoang and Mary Hoang (Kim Ngoc Jewelry- Dallas, TX)
Drs. Rami and Susan Guirguis (Great Lake Children’s Dental Care-Duluth, MN)
Dr. Anne Le (HL Eye Center-Houston, TX)
Dr. Kenneth Nguyen (Dallas Parkway Medical Clinic-Dallas, TX)
Hung and Dr. Cindy Hsu Nguyen (Las Colinas Periodontics & Implantology-Irving,TX)
Mandy and William Kao (Titan Management-Houston, TX)
Dr. Thomas, Sabine, Philipp, & Felix Leibl (Radiology & Nuclear Medicine-Kassel, Germany)
Dr. Rodney Lewis (Wylie Orthodontics- Richardson and Wylie, TX)
Dr. Roy Elterman (North Dallas Pediatric Neurology-Dallas, TX)
Dr. Noel Santini (Dallas, TX)

Be The Change Silver Circle $500 to $999 USD
Dr. John Zhong (Anesthesia for Children-Dallas, TX)
Dr. Ramtin Vahadi (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Torrence, CA)
Hoang Pham and Dr. Trang Nguyen (Win Chiropractic-Cypress, TX)
Mr. Thiet Tran and Mrs. Xuan Bui (Dong Phu Jewelry- Houston, Texas)
Dr. J. Taylor Evans (SmileXpress Orthodontics-Dallas, TX)
Dr. Kim Hoa Lam (Germantown, MD)
Mr. Phu Nguyen and Mrs. Thu Pham (Dallas, TX)
BP Fabric Fund of America (Princeton, NJ)
Drs. Bach Le and Nancie Pham (Whittier Oral Surgery-Newport Beach, CA)
Mr. Viet Hoang (Yellow Magazine-Houston, TX)
Dr. Sylvia Wu (Houston, TX)

Be The Change Bronze Circle up to $499 USD
Vanessa Gavalya (VG Photography- Dallas, TX)
Mr. and Mrs. Thanh Q. Lam (Germantown, MD)
Dr. Nam Ho (St. Paul, MN)
Jon Geib (Dallas, TX)
Dr. Tania Roloff (DT Int’l Dental Consulting-Hamburg, Germany)
Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen (Palm Springs, CA)
Dan and Sallie Shipley (Marthasville, MO)
Shinjiro Koeda and Liza Setiawan (Dallas, TX)
Mark and Heather Clark (Dallas, TX)
Drs. Steven Ta and Hanah Nguyen (Marsh Lane Dentistry-Dallas, TX)
Dr. Amanda Phan (Amanda B. Phan, DDS, PA-Plano, TX)
Dr. Noel Santini and Mr. Matt Holley (Dallas, TX)
Dr. Kirk Scott (Stonebriar Facial and Oral Surgery-Frisco, TX)
Tam Ly (Houston, TX)
Hoan Nguyen and Mrs. Kayla Le (Garland, TX)
Edward Osborn (Tokyo, Japan)
Dr. Duc P. Vo (Orthopedic and Sports Medicine-Garland, TX)
Dr. Anne-Marie H. Nguyen (Periodontics-Houston, TX)
Canh Pham (Lumberton, TX)
Don Kajioka (Woodbury, NJ)
Ni Thi Quach (Katy, TX)
Dao Nguyen (Houston, TX)
Dr. Diep Truong (Viva Dental-Dallas, TX)
Vicki Ly (Richardson, TX)
Elizabeth McClure (San Antonio, TX)
Doug Huey (Huey Investments, Inc.-Dallas, TX)
Newton and Monica Hopkins (Dallas, TX)
Jade and Pascal Bernard (Leesburg, VA)
Dr. Carmen Wieting (Bellaire, TX)
Thao and Dzung Truong (Wylie, TX)
Huong and Pierre Scordato (Houston, TX)
Thong Thu Pham and Hue Nguyen (Houston, TX)
Thomas Warren (Chevron Humankind – Sugarland, TX)
Dr. Nancy Le Nikolovski (Houston, TX)
Dr. Mark Tu Nguyen (Beach Dental-Fort Worth,TX)
Jonathan E. Boggan (BG Development-Dallas, TX)